Monday, April 12, 2010

Pretty pretty Pendants

I went through a period where I felt like I had no ideas when it came to painting.

I'd doodle a few things on canvas, erase it, try again then not get up the energy to get a cup of water to put pigment to pallet.

But the whole "Seeing my stuff in a book, woo-hoo" excitement reignited a spark and I've been pendant painting like crazy:

I've been going through a dragon stage like crazy so I thought I'd try my hand at making my own fire breathing lizard:
I hate having to photograph black backgrounds, it has a nasty habit of reflecting the light back so either it's a shiny mess or out of focus (and I just figure I'll get it in editing). I did have a rather ingenious thought for what to use as the setting for my dragon pendant.

We have a smoke chip box in our grill that I use pretty heavily so I dug through the charred bits of wood and placed my little dragon inside for his big world wide debut.

He's up for sale here, but you best be careful. I think he's got his sites set on Lake Town.

Giant mythical creatures are fun and all but nature's been putting up quite a spread lately and I got a crazy wacky idea on my head (ideas look a lot like funny hats, this one resembles an alpine).

Some of you may remember my whole Trees through the Seasons big paintings. I've made and sold Fall and Winter and Spring is waiting in the wings for its pretty picture to be taken. I loved the whole look and idea so much I thought I'd try turning my big paintings into pendants.
I was worried at first that the trees wouldn't transfer as well and the seasons would be lost but I think I captured their defining moments quite well (pst, the white one is supposed to be winter).

I listed them all together for sale, because it sort of loses its point if they're sold separately, but knocked a few dollars off as a group deal thing.

On the whole I'm in a Regretsy Book thing, part of the deal of having ones wacky art featured was that you also got a free ad to run for a week on the site. I'd been putting off making a banner for quite a while, but the whole "wow I'm actually in there, I'd best make something" finally sunk in so I pulled a few of my paintings together and created this:
Nothing too amazing but it seems inviting for your cursor right? Maybe something it might wish to investigate and even think of clicking on?

That's about it, no new wedding dress paintings yet from the book exposure but then there always was a feast/famine feel to them. Otherwise it's been fun explaining just what Regretsy is to various family members. As my Mom asked "That's an internet thing, right?"

Yes Mom, there are a lot of internet things.

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