Friday, October 21, 2011

Dig your own grave and save

When one is in the halloween mood and wishes to create a graveyard on their property without the hassle of digging up their lawn or embalming a few of their more unloved relatives one looks to easy and quick grave like solutions.

All you need is a brown towel, a bag of potting soil and spray adhesive for your very own recently dug grave.
Spread your towel out in a well ventilated and easy to clean up area.
I hope you're not too attached to it. Grab the spray adhesive and cover that sucker in great big gobs of greasy grimey horse hooves.

Now dump your potting soil.
Leave it out to dry for a few hours, maybe add a few leaves here and there and soon you'll have a recently dug grave as awesome as this:
Once Halloween is over just roll it up and wait for next year.

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Anonymous said...

This is an amazing idea! Thanks for sharing :)