Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fear Crafters Costume Ball

This weekend Was the First (maybe) Annual Fear Crafters Ball.

And just what is the First Annual (Oh god) Fear Crafters Ball?

Well I'm glad you asked and since I have you hostage you have to listen, it was a crazy idea the leaders of our little Halloween club had way back in February or so when Richard and I were off in Detroit.
It started as this huge plan to decorate and throw a swinging Halloween party with the proceeds going to a local charity. People had insane dreams of packing the house, of covering the hall in all manner of Halloween decor and transforming it into a haunted house and raising enough money to power Bill Gates house for one day.

You can probably guess where this is going so I'll skip over all that and get to the pretty pictures.

First, to get it out of the way early mine and my husband's costumes. Everyone always wants to know what you're going as, not say the composition of your tombstones or how tall your bucky skeleton is so let's give the public what they want.

My husband went as Captain Jack Harkness - it's okay if you have no idea who that is.
Complete with Vortex manipulator - Gwen and Ianto sold separately.

And I went as an elf. Technically a Dalish elf but not a specific one. It started as me really just wanting to be a dual wielding rogue, realizing that well people might get an elf and then sticking some face tattoos on.

Now let's get to the good stuff
My husband and I were in charge of decorating the area behind the food. This included a huge white screen that we couldn't take down or do much to.
We made all of the tombstones in there this year (as well as a few other that got auctioned off) and the cave hidden in the back as well as Doug the grave digger (they may seem a tad familiar to regular viewers).
 My buried farmer made it out for a night too. His head was in no mood to stay perpendicular to the ground so I had to do some quick duct tape surgery.
With all of the lights turned off our scene was a little blue and by a little I mean a bunch of smurfs getting down with some Na'vi in a vat of blueberries blue.

Conversely the stage was handled by another member who went with a more hellish color scheme.

All around the edge of the waterfall were the tombstones to be auctioned off including the first one I made way back in March.
It was nice to see them go rather early, so I can make something that average people don't mind taking.

Around the front were the tombstones people were saving.
The turn out wound up being pretty much club members, family and friends which lead to a lot of left over programs and empty tables.
But in the end we all danced like idiots (well those few of us who were either so snickered they didn't know where they were or just didn't give a shit what anyone thought), talked, joked and had a good time.

This has been an interesting study in wild expectations bashed over the head with reality but perhaps with more experience and time we can turn it into something cool within a few dozen years or so. And if not, hey any excuse to hang out with your own Halloween props is always a fun chance to party.

Everyone knows the first annual anything always sucks, right?



Leslie said...

Have you thought about connecting with the Pioneers Park haunted trail thingee we did so you could hand out flyers then?

Christa aka The BabbyMama said...

Awesome costumes, both!!!

Allen Bates said...
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