Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Gettin' My Spook On

It begins as a notion nibbling in the back of my mind about mid-March.

By early summer the house is full of styrofoam, pvc pipe, all manner of paints and sand paper scattered like dead leaves across the floor.

Come September the mantle and Halloween town appear.

But still it waits, quietly grinning wildly to itself until the Odometer of the year rolls over and the witching month is here.

It's time to decorate where people, normal people, can see it! I started with our newest addition, another gargoyle once again from Target. My husband has a slight addiction - to the point where at least five guard our kitchen from evil spirits - and despite being a horrible place for any kind of decorations outside of party for some reason Target always has a new gargoyle each year.
Last year was a bit sparse on the getting shit super clearanced but we did score this little skeleton lights:
I have no idea why all of their heads are turned at a 45 degree angle. Maybe they're part of an undead chorus routine.
 The eyes look extra creepy when lit up.
The first year in the house these string of bats were the only thing that belied any of our Halloween craziness right up until the 30th.
The mister wasn't in the mood to work at first so I let it run, sputtering and rooster tailing water all over the top of the stairs but she'd finally worked through her issues and was kicking out some nice watery smoke for the Skeleton coffin.

The skelespider hangs off the ceiling watching TV. Just don't change the channel, for the love of god never change the channel.
This is actually the only bit of blood that shows up in the house. I'm a sucker for these hand prints, they have such a nice ruby glow through them and with the help of cling wrap can last a few years.
I have got these bat window clings all over the house. The moon and a few bats are in the painting room window with the skeleton. A few are on the kitchen window and the bathroom and the rest here on the door.

It's a bit odd but Martha Stewart does Halloween generally right.
The wine rack, all three bottles are from Yankee Candle one of our go to sources of gothic stuff. You can also see the chemistry drink set in the background.
My fireplace, that was born out of the first Halloween class when I was bored and had an extra set of legs and black paint. All I'm saying is anyone can do this, just take a paper towel and rub paint in weird streaks over the legs. Tada, torched legs for the fireplace.
But I don't think you want to make your own fairies unless you're as insane as I am.
Even though we don't drink coffee the sugar and creamer set comes out every Halloween.
We actually bought it and quite a few other props on our honeymoon.

And that's just a small piece of what's to come. You've been warned.

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