Friday, October 21, 2011

Doggies in Pajamas Are Coming Down the Stairs

Being the humoring owner of a sociopath on four legs there are times when to keep from snapping I like to embarrass the hell out of my dog to laugh instead of tearing my hair out in bloody chunks.

This started last year when at one of those "Please dear god just take this crap away" after christmas sales we found a dog sweater in an ugly green for $2. Thinking it'd be hilarious to put it on Essie, take some pictures and laugh for a while we got it and put it on her.

Then the shocker.

She loves the bloody thing. To the point where she fights us if we try to take it off. She wears it on walks under her harness, she wears it while rolling out on the snow, she wears it on trains in planes and while eating green eggs and ham.

Which is why my 50 lb Labrador retriever owns three sweaters and after last night a pair of skeleton pajamas.


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