Thursday, October 20, 2011

Geeky Christmas Cards

I know I'm breaking all my laws and traditions and other pointy things that will stab me in the eye for daring to utter the C word before Halloween has even sprung but what can I say, I was issued a challenge.

Sometimes that all it takes to get me down this path, someone wishes for one thing or out pops a curious idea and much like a young child with a little encouragement soon your fridge is covered in Tardis paintings.

For your discerning Lovercraftian friends, a Cthulhu Christmas Card

Don't celebrate Christmas? I got ya covered with a Happy Hogswatch:
(Can you spot the Hogfather in there?)

And for any Whovians the Tardis swings by the North Pole:

Those are all free for one to click, save, print and send to horrified family members.

I also have a set of Servo in the Snow cards for sale if any MSTies have a long list they need to get through.
I make Christmas Cards now, apparently.

Expect more geeky/nerdy goodness to come rolling out as the icy winter wonderland embrace comes upon us all.