Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Don't do as I do

This weekend I got it in my head that I should start to put the invitations together. We're not ready to address them but I thought, hey it'd be easier if we already have everything in that first envelope (maybe that's why they encourage two).

As I was on about my third stuffing I realized that we had completely forgotten something, stamps for the RSVP's! And this was late on a saturday when all post offices would be closed. So my guy and I formulated a plan to get $20 from a bank and then go to a local retail store to buy postcard stamps.

We knew it was gonna be a bad day when the sky was pitch black at 8 AM and raining pumas and wolves. But still we left earlier than usual and I taught my guy how to use a drive up ATM (don't ask) and we discovered that it was all out of money or something. There was a major error that may have had something to do with all the rain and hair that got into it a few hours earlier.

After church (which we did make on time, I fear what they'd do to you if you're late to mass but I imagine it involves holding dictionaries for some reason) we headed to the local mall to pick up a groomsman gift that we'd had personalized the day before (and also stopped at a hobby store to get Star Munchkin) and stopped in the middle of the food court to try to get that ATM to work. (Though we could have used that money we just got to ride the carousel in the middle of the mall there was too long of a line)

Then after a few wrong turns (I hate those stupid islands) we eventually got to Shopko where we found a huge pallet with some deck chairs on it in the the way. We moved the thing out of the way and found the only option for postcards is a set of 10 and we needed 80 total stamps. So began a long trial and error of putting in B2, having the machine make its whirring noise, spit out a set as well as a horde of dollar coins, putting those back in, and starting all over again.

I'm pretty sure when it comes time to get ourselves the invitation stamps we'll definetly go to the post office, even if I suddenly decide we need them at midnight on the fourth of July.


Linda said...

You can also order stamps off their website. I believe it's only a $1 to ship regardless of the number of stamps you buy.

Blablover5 said...

Yeah I realized that afterwards. But it did provide a lot of entertainment.