Thursday, June 26, 2008

It's scrubberin' time

Tomorrow we're heading due east to attend his sides shower. I've been a bit nervous about this one ever since his mom decided she was gonna do it. His family is the type where etiquette and "what was done before" is vital (some may also be really pissed that I'm not catholic so this could get really interesting). I'm more the type of person where even if it was done before, if it makes no sense to me I'm not gonna do it. But we've been making some consolations (I've even included the tissue paper in the invites).

Is it bad too when the shower is gonna be fancier than the wedding? Even the invitations have one of those ribbons and overlays while ours are just laser printed. And it's in one of those really fancy restaurants I just don't fit into (I'm more a throwing peanut shells on the floor kinda girl, they don't seem to really like that at Panera), so I also got to get into a dress and get all glammed up.

So in honor of my "slight" fears of this whole thing I present the worst of bridal showers.
  • First off are the worst bridal shower gifts. I doubt I have to worry about anything like this, I'm more concerned about how my friends will try to embarrass me. They're pros at it
  • Games, I have never seen a good shower game. They all seem either pointless (who cares what I have in a purse I don't carry?) painful (clothespins, really?) or confusing (celeb couples should be left far far away from a real wedding). For the really dull here's a drinking game turned tame.
  • Favors, I can't really think of much to say but some in this list just horrify me.
  • The etiquette, all these stupid things you are expected to know to do just because someone somewhere decided it was so.
  • We'll just try to ignore the T word. I don't think that anything shower related is tacky (except for that new body lotion/glue hybrid) it's just not all for me.
The first shower I ever attended I actually planned for my Matron of Honor. I had no idea what I was doing, no idea what was required of me, but I like to think it was a success as no old ladies beat me over the head with their giant purses (I have a fear of old ladies, I can't help it).

Hopefully I'll be back Monday with lots to share, and maybe some advice on how to survive a shower attended mostly by people you don't know all staring at you just to make sure you don't suddenly bolt or something.


Linda said...

I hate shower games and specifically requested none.

Kara said...

My shower was an open house, so people could come and go as they pleased. It was great. And...NO GAMES!

Jennifer said...

I'm going to my second shower next weekend and I've been told there will be no games! Fingers crossed! Good luck! :)