Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Screw you printer!

My printer and I got into a huge fight over the weekend. I was trying to get it to print off our reception cards that I'd slaved on (well worked kinda hard on) but it refused to line it up right, or feed the paper through, and one time it even threw its ink cartridge at me.

After taking some time apart and doing a bit of soul searching we both made up, went out for ice cream, and I got my damn reception cards printed.
I can see why everyone says "Don't print your invitations unless you are on a good standing with your printer and oh have a PC" (I hate those free templates they give you that are so out of date they'd never work on my Mac). We never had any intentions to print off the real invitation, but I thought, hey a reception card is a simple thing and we wanted to put pictures of us as kids in our halloween costumes on it (If you're wondering, I'm an elf. I have no idea why I am an elf, but I had to be an elf for two years. I suspect there was an elf sale or something).

So I got myself lots of cute pictures of us as kids, scanned them in, put together a passable but simple info card and then got into the long fight of trying to convert something on screen onto a special card with a fancy pants border. I think my fiance feared that I was going to throw the damn thing across the room.

If you are going the DIY route, for sure get lots of extras. I had to go through a good 3 or 4 cards before getting it about right and also realized that thanks to the ever growing guest list we needed more in general. But I came to find out they were all out of our cheaper ones so I had to get the pricier ones with a different border.

*Sigh* And there began another fight with the printer that this time ended in some broken glass, a lot of tears, and me threatening it with a hatchet.

But the good news is we have enough cards leftover for being able to print off maps. The printer and I will just have to have a little talking to.

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