Monday, June 23, 2008

I present our cake

At least a drawn concept of it. (I do keep my promises even if it takes me a long time to get around to it) The inside part is pretty simple, the top and bottom layer are a white cake with a chocolate buttercream frosting (fondant is evil!) and the middle layer is yellow cake with vanilla buttercream frosting. All of it has a raspberry filling (and even though my birthday is coming up I hope I don't have to eat anymore cake til the wedding, that cake tasting was a lot and then some).

It was actually designed all by my guy. He had the idea to incorporate some hidden halloween ideas into it. So we have the bottom that has those fancy bottom loops thing in white and then if there were some small spiders (drawn much bigger as I can't draw). Then the middle layer would have some leaves blowing in the wind and hidden in there outlined in blue would be some ghosts. Finally the last layer would have stars/moons/clouds to give a spooky fall night feel.

It's nice that my guy got a chance to add his own creative spin to something very weddingish, and we didn't have to spend hours flipping through their cake books and debating which one looked nice (it was long and hard enough doing that for the tuxes). Our baker also threw in some really good ideas (like the ghosts outlined in blue).

In the end, if you want to go outside the white on white box of a wedding cake go for it! Ask your guy (what guy doesn't love food and frosting?) and especially get some input from your baker. It (so far) has worked out great for us.


Guilty Secret said...

He he I love it!

It doesn't go with our colour scheme at all, but I'm veering towards having a brown cake... because a chocolate cake with chocolate icing should be brown and I want my cake ot look like a cake!

Kara said...

That cake is awesome! Our is white dots on white icing. Fondant is evil...and expensive...haha

Kevin, my fiance, has decided to just get his tux in NYC again, his original idea. I've promised not to bug him anymore about it. If he's naked, he's not in the wedding! (j/k, well, kind of)

Dana said...

Your cake sounds awesome. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Thanks for the tip on the candy bags.

ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

so interesting and fun! i love it. great blog, by the way, found you via the that bride blog and have added you to my reader!