Thursday, June 19, 2008

I only painted my fingers a bit

When we first got engaged my Mother was chomping at the bit to get something done, so I thought it'd be really cool if she could design a cake topper that looked a bit like us. When I was younger she'd always take greenware, shape it, then gloss it and have it fired. I thought that would look really cool, and wouldn't be something we'd have to worry about for months.

So imagine my surprise when she shows up in January toting a gigantic and over the top cake thing complete with tulle and white beads (we have the same issue right now with our unity candle that is probably gonna get re-tooled). At first I figured we could work with it, but then after meeting with our baker to design our cake (more on that later after I make some fun photoshop stuff) and realizing that our cake is going to be more simple and also have some halloween touches there was no way this thing would work.

Instead I went out and got myself a more simple but not too bad topper (Call me old school or tacky but I always kinda liked the bride and groom ones. We don't have any flowers planned at the reception so that wasn't an option and I have a deep hatred of song birds).
But it doesn't really look like us. So I took out my paintbrush, some toothpicks and got to work. The first thing I did was change the pink flowers to blue (pink and I do not get along well), I also changed the color of the brides hair to match mine a bit more and then added glasses to both of them.
Then, after giving the tux a green vest, I got down to the fun stuff. I took some cardstock and rolled it into a cone and glued a bit of the fabric from my tail to it and attached that to the bride. For the groom, using a steady hand, I painted on some Groucho eyebrows and a mustache (no idea how to add a cigar).
I think it turned out really cool. They still don't quite look like us but it sure is a lot closer (and the glasses were insanely hard to do). My friends already think I'm crazy so this should just be another nail in the coffin.

How about the rest of you? You guys doing anything different for a cake topper?


Guilty Secret said...

He he I love it!

I originally wanted little people, but then we got this whole sparklers / fireworks theme going and now I've decided I can't miss the opportunity to stick a lot of sparklers, or even an ice fountain candle ( in the top of it and make the moment a bit more exciting!

Linda said...

That's great. You did a good job of personalizing it!
In answer to you question, there are some people who are trying to get me to have table assignments. That's why we have the reserved tables. Those are for people who wouldn't be able to find their own seats (older folks and those who don't know anyone but us). Everyone else can fend for themselves.

Tayia said...

I love your topper people! I'm still trying to figure out what I want to go on top of our cake. I'm so indecisive and all the options are driving me bonkers. Love your blog!