Tuesday, June 10, 2008

With this ring, I thee put on credit

We have a habit of going about things all backwards, long before we'd found a church or even gone dress shopping we'd already gotten our wedding rings. It started out early as my guy had mentioned how he'd wanted something different from the standard gold band, something with a design, and he wasn't totally thrilled with the stuff we'd found on-line.

So we started looking early and the first stop was to the store where we got the engagement ring from. We had a wonderful experience with them, where within 3 days we'd visited, picked a stone and had the ring put together. It was during the making the engagement ring that our jeweler had suggested we get a jacket as the wedding band to add some diamonds to it. Mine was easy, but imagine our surprise at how his was just sitting there in the case (and we'd never seen anything like it) and that day we'd bought his.It always amazes me how easy some things just come together and others require hours of debate and arguing (we're still trying to decide who's going to watch the plants during the ceremony). Though I realize that not everyone has had such an easy time, so if you're looking for something different from a "simple gold band" here are a few links we looked at
  • Different designs based upon the metal
  • Some handmade options
  • A black titanium ring
  • If you think he needs a crib sheet for the vows
  • Someone bitched and whined and moaned here so no more SEO for them.
  • A wedding band heart mousepad
Now we just have to decide what we'll have engraved inside. We don't have any cutesy wootsey sayings or pet names for each other, so short of mentioning something about tomatoes we're at a bit of a loss. I'm thinking right now I'll just have "Hey You" and then our wedding date.

It's that or "$.05 deposit in IA or MI"


Linda said...

I just bought that black titanium ring!
I like your wedding bands especially his!

Blablover5 said...

I love his too, I like to show his off. I always "complain" about how mine is so boring.

But if I was a guy I might have gone for the black titanium ring. It was too cool.