Thursday, June 12, 2008

Gimme, gimme, gimme

So after picking up our usual groceries (got to remember to get some mustard this week) we saw a sale on the most important part of our favors: Toostie roll pops. With a kleenex, a marker, and some really cheap pieces of ribbon I picked up a while ago we're gonna make a little ghost for each of our guests.

There's also going to be our version of a candy bar aka we put candy in the middle in a basket and let everyone go from table to table with their little baskets and pick some up. Everyone likes candy, right?

I never really got the point of favors. You've already bought all of your guests a nice dinner, some dessert, possibly some booze (we're still debating that one), and the joyful chicken dance why do you need to give them some little token that cost you at the most $3 that they will promptly toss?

The only favor I can ever remember getting in my "adult" wedding years was a bookmark. It was a cute idea and all, but I am one of those people that uses the receipt from buying the book as a bookmark. From my younger years when I went to more weddings than I can remember (my dad had a video camera in the late 80's so he videotaped tons of weddings for friends and we had to tag along) there were tons of those jordan almonds in tulle. I never understood those, the almonds tasted horrible.

Now it seems like people have moved onto infinite options. There are drink mixes, tea lights, wine stoppers, heart measuring spoons, measuring tape, coasters, luggage tags, and hand mirrors all of which you can personalize. I think I'm missing something. Who wants to use a heart shaped measuring spoon? Or I can just imagine the guys getting really excited about the scented bath salts.

Favors just seem like something no one really remembers but a bride must obsess about because they are required, damn it. I have no memories of anyone ever really getting excited about the favor at a wedding (unless it was a drink ticket then they were all over that), so I say save your money. Maybe give people some more sugar if people won't get off your back about it. Who doesn't love sugar, especially all the kids we're gonna give a major sugar rush too?

I wish we could take a page out of birthday parties and have goody bags that have those plastic whistles, a maze with a little ball, maybe some coloring pages and a cookie. That would be the coolest wedding ever!

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Guilty Secret said...

It is kinda weird, isn't it? You don't normally give someone a present for coming to your party!