Monday, June 9, 2008

Rain rain, go away

We've been facing a lot of just fun fun weather lately. It's also been raining non stop which while normal for say Washington or London is incredibly weird here (if this keeps up I have a funny feeling meat prices are gonna go higher as no one can hay).

As it is now the traditional wedding month it's gotten me thinking about all those poor brides who had planned for an outdoor wedding only to have to deal with 50 MPH winds and slanted rain. Well lo and behold for those people that need to have something else to obsess over, here's the weather channel's Wedding Planner.

If you enter in your date and location it will calculate the high and low temperatures for the past three years. (We're looking at either a high of 59, 45, or 87. It really narrowed it down, thank God) It'll also provide a list of average cloud coverage, temperature, rain and snow.

I really don't see the point of all this information. Sure average temps. might help if you really want to have a warm wedding in a place you've never been before, but unless you have a better wedding planner than I (ours lives next to the couch) I doubt one can stop it from being windy or cloudy, or even having rains of fish.

To make matters worse you can even add the weather application to your desktop so you can obsess about what the weather will be on "Your Day." Considering all the applications that will countdown, checklist, or just ad you to death about weddings they should just sell a wedding computer. It can come in either white or ivory.

Personally, I just hope it doesn't snow (which has happened before here in October). It would be nice if it rained the day before so we can get into the reception site and set up (it's in a golf course club house). As for the day of, luckily we can deal with just about anything. I know where we can get our hands on a lot of sandbags.

And until we can find ourselves a rain god and pay him to go away it's probably best to just plan with some rain contingencies than rely on the weather channels meteorologists. We all know how often they get the weather right anyway.

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