Monday, June 30, 2008

I'm in love!

So we're back from the shower, we survived (let me tell ya driving a total of 16 hours for a 4 hour shower seems a bit lopsided in the end), and our apartment looks like a packing store exploded right now.

I'll get to the pictures and the shower stories as the pictures trickle in and I get over the post traumatic stress. Instead I want to talk about my new love.
For our decorations we'd decided that what we'll do for the most part is try to use various family and friends halloween decorations. It adds a nice little touch to have decorations we used to see and maybe play with when we were little for our reception as well as it's the best price ever and something we can give back when done (no more donating the centerpieces to very fancy soup kitchens).

While looking through his mothers decorations she brought out this pumpkin light. It's brass and looks a lot like an antique lamp from the back, then when you turn it around it's got the super cool pumpkin grin. I love it so much I kinda wish I could find a few more and scatter them around the place, but the sticker underneath says it's from Turkey so I fear it would be a wild goose chase.

Instead we're thinking we'll pair it up with that spider lamp and maybe put it on the bar or the cake table.

Has anyone else made some just really cool finds that they love? For that rare one item piece what are you going to do with it?

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Good one!! Thank you for sharing the post!!