Wednesday, June 11, 2008

And now for something completely different

If you haven't been able to discern from my slight hints about the subject, we're having a halloween reception. And aside from all the candy (our favors) what else makes Halloween the best holiday ever? Why dressing up of course.

We spent a while debating who would wear what and after my Matron of Honor asked if she could wear her wedding dress again I had the idea of famous brides. She's going to be the bride of frankenstein (I've made a hobbit costume with her before, this thing will look just like the original movie) while another bridesmaid will be the bride of dracula. I think my tall flower girl wants to come as the bride of chucky, he he he.

As for me, well I called Bridezilla naturally. We figured I could do it with some really green eyeshadow and a nice long tail. So this past weekend was spent amassing fabric, batting, and some embellishments so I could sew up the tail while my guy killed Dracula (or at least all the various mannequins in Castlevania).

He actually helped to sew the end tail bit, but gave up when the thread kept knotting (thread knots should be blamed on an evil gremlin). We ran out of batting about half way through the stuffing so after visiting Wal Mart to get a new tire (we are cursed when it comes to flat tires) I got the rest and sewed this puppy up.

I'm a bit proud of myself for being able to make something that looks kinda cool all on my little own and no one needed to use spray paint or take a trip to the hair salon. Plus it's nice to have my own little piece to show that yes, we are serious about the costume idea. Yes, it's something we're both really excited about. And yes, just keep it to yourself if you think it's tacky. We really don't care.

Is anyone else doing something out of the box that you're really excited about for your wedding? Possibly a bit too excited.


Kelly said...

a halloween reception! that's awesome. good for you for going against the grain. Is it actually going to on halloween?

Blablover5 said...

Nah, we had to plan around home football games (big deal in this state and town) so it's in the middle of October.