Friday, June 13, 2008

I do, now what?

Let's fast forward to the future and pretend that the wedding is all over. You've already finished packing away the cake server and knife (for a day it rains cakes), changed your name to Oscar the Grouch (don't drink and fill out paperwork) and shared your wedding pics with every bus driver in your town.

So, now what?

Some people seem worried about what they'll do after all the planning is done, after all the hours spent putting together the pop out invitations and crafting intricate centerpieces what can they devote all this time to now?

The short answer is, anything you want (though I wouldn't recommend being on a reality show). We haven't yet fallen into the time sucking daemon that is wedding planning so we'll take time to play video games or watch old movies during the week. So maybe we won't be the bride and groom who after the wedding is all done stand in the middle of the room and have no idea what to do.

But for those who need some new projects here are a few different ideas. First off, everyone loves food (well unless you're big into the food pills from the future) and some people like to sample different and exotic food stuffs so why not take a fancy cooking class at a local community college. We're pretty big into Indian food, he's all over the curry (thank god we're not in England, all he'd eat was curry) and I love tandoori (I wish I had a clay oven) so we may take an Indian cooking class if we run out of things to do.

For those who fear the kitchen and have nightmares of that stove from Beauty and the Beast, you could always adopt yourself a pet and then work on training it to be the "Best Dog/Cat/Bird/Lizard/Chicken Ever!" My Dad trains labs for hunt tests and field trials so I know all too well how training a dog can just suck up the hours. It'll also drive you nuts when the dog starts running the show and gets to say when he goes to train, but it's all worth it to have them really good at picking up things and bringing them back.

Another option for the allergic to fur and feathers variety, you could rearrange all the furniture in your place once a month. Do it in the middle of the night or during lunch to freak your new spouse out. If you're still eating a lot of pizza you could even make a maze and challenge him to try and find the remote at the end of it. Just make sure to have some load bearing boxes, no one wants to have to explain a pizza box cave in to a firefighter.

If pets just didn't seem like enough of a life altering change you could always get started on having kids. I an hoping everyone getting married doesn't need instructions on that, so moving on . . .

There are always those extreme hobbies you just never got around to, but now you have hours to devote to bungee jumping, sky diving, shark snorkeling, bull running, or goat feeding (goats can be mean). Think of how many eXtremes you can add to your resume.

Or if none of these appeal to you at all, you could just focus on starting a life with your guy moving forward with all those goals you talked about before the wedding and hopefully loving most of the minutes you're with him. You can always take up elephant polo after you've been married a few years.

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