Tuesday, June 24, 2008

There may be some jelly beans too

Waay back when Easter stuff was first getting out we poked our noses around and found some really cute baskets; one green, one blue. That in total came to a cost of about $7. Much better deal than the $30- $40 ones that are just white.

And they've been sitting on our "wedding table" (which is actually the empty box that originally held our grill) ever since the crazy early Easter this year. For some reason this weekend I decided that I had to fancy up the baskets.

So we made a trip to Michaels (which has all of its fall stuff out, we had a raven that kept falling of off its shelf so we decided it wanted to come home with us. It's sitting on our bookshelf right now so I feel a lot like poe) and picked up some ribbon and some of those little flowers. I never really was sure what those little flowers were for but they sure are fun, especially the really little clay roses.

This is the final result:Lucky for me I needed very little glue (especially since we don't have a hot glue gun only rubber cement or super glue). I just wrapped the little flowers around the top and then wound the ribbon around it all (though I did at first forget what I wanted to do with the flowers and was over half way done with the blue one before I had to turn around and do it again).

I sealed off the last bit of ribbon with rubber cement (yeah don't do that, he he he) and then super glue, and for the um basket part I formed a bow (which was also a learning experience) and again glued that to the basket (all super glue this time). And since I had some leftover flowers I just sort of jammed them through the slots in the basket and wrapped the wire in and out so they'll stand up.

The end results are very girly and weddingy I think. And I didn't have to spend a bunch of money on something that is essentially a plant refuse holder.


Kara said...


I keep all the wedding stuff in a huge plastic bin, that as the time goes by, really isn't that big anymore. I told my mom not to ask me about centerpieces anymore. I don't care what they look like or anything. But, I find myself sharing ideas and opinions about them everyday. She just needs to make them and be done with it! haha

Dana said...

I don't feel left out. I keep all of my wedding stuff in a plastic bin that is to small. Cheap is good. Those baskets are only going to be used once unless you are giving them to your flower girls to have for their next Easter egg hunt.