Wednesday, July 2, 2008

And thus it begins

This is my three part series on a super fancy shower . . .

I am cursed with a helpful nature. Something about me just screams "trust me to do whatever you want I know exactly what I am doing at all times." Yeah, it sure would be nice if that were true.

So as the day of the shower dawned I got all snazzed up in a fancy dress and heaven help me put on high heels. I have a very limited number of dressy shoes (all of three, one for the wedding, one causes a weird rubbing on the top of my foot, and one has heels), so I went with something I very rarely wear. (I'm hard pressed to think of a time I wore them when I was little for dress up, I think instead I'd pretend I was the janitor here to fix the princess' running toilet.) Don't worry, all this text is going somewhere.

We showed up an hour early at the place and got to move box upon box up stairs and then back into the room. (Anyone who vacuums in high heels is nuts) For reasons that I don't understand I was left down in the foyer to guard all the presents while people in shorts and tank tops would walk into the resturant to get some food. I'm sure I was quite a sight, all glammed up with a corsage on my wrist (the last time I wore one of those was my confirmation).
Some of the stuff we had to haul up
After we got everything up into the room my fiance and I could for the most part sit back and relax while his Mom and sister went crazy setting everything up. The long debate about where to put everyone made me quite happy that we're not doing a seating arrangement. If no one likes anyone let them fight it out. It was also apparently essential that the silverware be moved to um well I'm not sure. But it was very important.
They really went all out on the table settings. The centerpieces were a flower plant in an ice bucket with some balloons tied to them (the balloons sure were trying to make a break for it in the car). The favors were some little dress and tux boxes that had a yankee candle in them (the few guys there got mint, so it smelled a lot like gum).

After all the set up, me and my guy had some chairs we could crash in and I kept asking him what the time was so I could glance at his watch (I was going nuts without mine, courtesy of the corsage). Soon all the guests started to show up and thus began the smoozing of the room (something I am just horribly terrible at). I'd offer up some tips for the introvert but I really don't have any aside from have a drink in your hand so if need be you can be fascinated by that.

Finally noon came and we all started to settle in hoping for some tasty food.

Tune in tomorrow for "We have to do what?"

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