Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I am permenantly orange

Friday night after the hair trial my MOH got in for the weekend with her son.

While he and my fiance were busy playing "do you know where my shirt comes from" we started to make mints for the wedding.

We have a very simple a lazy way of making mints.

Step 1: Melt some almond bark in a microwave or a crockpot.

Step 2: Attempt to turn melted almond bark a pretty color and add some Mint flavor.
Step 3: Realize that the powdered dye you got for the almond bark is going everywhere so now all you touch is orange.

Step 4: Have your friend scoop out the colored minty bark into some molds.
Step 5: While you use a pumice stone on your hands she can put the trays into the freezer.

Repeat steps til all the almond bark is gone or your hands are now a gorgeous brown vomit color.

We did also have an interesting time of the red ones, we started out using burgandy powdered food dye which made the bark look like blueberry yogurt. As we were definetly not going for that color we started adding more and more dye so that in the end I added just enough red and orange so that it looked like chocolate as opposed to something else that is brown and not appetizing. (We did use chocolate almond bark as well, that was by far the tastiest)

It wasn't til sunday that we finally found a food dye perfect for almond bark. It has to be oil based, so if you want to try doing this for your wedding or any other get together make sure you find some oil based dyes or you'll have a big mess on your hands.


Jennifer said...

Way to creative and dedicated for me. Great idea though and good for you!

Ms. 122 said...

omg it looks so yummy...don't mind me reaching through the computer screen, after all you need an unbiased taste-tester :)