Friday, August 1, 2008

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

So I spent a lot of the day doing very important stuff that involved being in offices that I'll tell you all about later. For now I feel like being a bit silly, so I present

My Weird Wedding (courtesy of google images)
Note that I don't think anything is bad, just different.

Well first off every wedding needs a really weird wedding dress. (Or if you are really looking forward to the wedding night this will come in handy) Our bridesmaids will be dressed up like Santa, so we can be sure to get lots of presents.

For our ceremony we totally need to have Tim Curry from Legend officiate.

The wedding rings need to be something to remind us of not only our love and commitment but also exactly how screws work.
I think our getaway vehicle needs to be something that can crush all those hummer limos in its path.

Okay so I just thought this was a kinda cool cake topper really.

As a thank you for our guests we'll make sure they think of us every time they have to clean off their computer screen (where we live about once a day, damn construction.)

And to end the night we won't have a wedding cake, we'll have a pile of wedding sushi (I wonder if that comes with fondant?)


Linda said...

I love the sushi cake. I'm so glad I didn't see this before. DH would loved this. Perhaps for his next birthday!

Riley (aka Rachel) said...

Ha ha ha!!! These are too funny!!

Yeah, my fiancee would like the sushi cake too! Those are definitely not leftovers you'd want to box up though!

Guilty Secret said...

Ha ha, great post :)

The condom dresses are brilliant - "if you are really looking forward to the wedding night" ha ha!

And Christmas bridesmaids?! Why is that so funny?! :-D