Thursday, August 28, 2008


One thing that my MIL has been working on for the wedding are the ring bearer pillows. She likes to sew and I thought that it would be a really great craft project for her.

I didn't want those really fancy and frilly white ones, and since everything else in blue and green why not keep the trend going. I had no idea it could be so complicated..

Early in the year she bought some green and blue fabric and was all set to make the pillows. Then at some point someone tried to convince her that the pillow just HAD to be white (we have our suspicions who it is).

Well, when she showed me what she had made and mostly my face as I looked at the pillows with all the frilly white embrodery stuff (she'd just boughten a pillow and attached ribbons) she agreed with me that it wasn't really right.

So she went back to the original plan and came up with these really soft and cute pillows (our one ringbearer at first wasn't so thrilled with them but as he got used to it he was really excited and pulled the fake rings off twice).

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Oh no...I have to contemplate pillows much for me to learn!