Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Rocking some new duds

I am no fashionista. I think my color palate for clothes is generally blue, more blue, some light grays, and then more blue.

But some messing around on Target's website I found a dress that I just loved the look of and the reviews were all great so I ordered it and hoped and prayed it would fit. (I loathe on-line size charts as they are never right most of the time).I got it in yesterday night and I am happy to say that it fits perfectly. It's also insanely comfortable, light but not too light, with a very sturdy zipper. Though the picture makes the background look white it's actually a really light pink, I'm not too crazy about it but it does look nice.

For me though, the all time best feature are the pockets. I love this trend of actually putting pockets in women's clothes. Why can't more people jump on it? After all guys get huge deep ones in everything. (Going dress clothes shopping always used to make me think of an exchange from a book called "Monstrous Regiment" where a woman had dressed up as a man to fight in a war and before going back to being a girl she says "Pockets, the one thing we need to keep are pockets.")

This dress might make an appearance for our rehearsal (if I'm not so busy running around like a chicken with my head cut off) or I can use it for a wedding that is two weeks after my own. But it's so comfy it might make a few other appearances.

What fashion finds have you guys made for all those other parties, be it a shower/engagement party/other shower/or rehearsal dinner?


Guilty Secret said...

Yes! I just bought a skirt on Saturday then only yesterday I realised it had pockets and I was all, "woooooot!" :-D

Linda said...

I love that dress. I'm going to check it out!

sammik said...

I love that dress too! I have a bunch of tank tops with pockets in the front and I love them. :)

I was considering not changing into anything for my reception...not even at the end. My dress is so ridiculously comfortable that I'll probably want to wear it all night. :) But maybe I should have a backup plan, lol.