Friday, August 8, 2008

Something, something, something, something BLUE!

I haven't gotten very far in the old poem (I especially have no idea how I'd go about shoving six pints into my shoe) but if there is one thing we'll have covered during our wedding it's the something blue (so I think that means we'll live in a shack by the ocean or I may have played that MASH game wrong).

I thought I might be able to inspire some other brides about their something blue if I share all my pictures and ideas.

Let's see, starting at the easiest blue is the jewelry (I don't have any earrings due to a serious aversion my body has to new holes). I made myself a pretty simple blue necklace using that jewelry haven Here are just a few other options that won't have you eating ramen for a month (there's enough wedding stuff that will do that.) If there's one time you can pull off a large amount of blue in a necklace or bracelet it's your wedding.

I also have a navy garter that I got through one of the numerous wedding favor outlets (I think the one I got it through got rid of it). It's really easy to find the powder blue garters but if you're like me and like your blue to have a bit more bite there are a few other option than just baby blue.

Here's another navy one from Target, but if that isn't really your style you can always make your own with whatever shade of blue you like best.

The garter route is probably best for those brides that don't like blue but want to honor the poem, though I will never really understand you as blue is the most awesome color ever!

Along the jewelry route I have been making and wearing anklets for quite a while. It's just something simple I do with knots but I like the feel of having something to do that I can wear and most people won't really see.

For the wedding I made something a bit special by using the shiny silver floss to knot into my more usual blue and green. It's something for a bride who wants to keep the blue more hidden but isn't in the mood for a garter.

Keeping near the toes there are a few options. The first one is to fancy out your feet.
I have a sapphire blue nail polish that I love using on my toes every chance I get. I actually got it for $2 from Wal-Mart and it doesn't really chip that much or is hard to put on.

But if you want to go the nicer route OPI has a really gorgeous blue or a deeper sapphire for your tootsies.

I really loved all the pictures of brides with bright vibrant shoes.

But alas there is no way I can pull off or even stay up in a heel. Plus I'd already found those really nice sandals that don't have the killer middle toe thing and are actually comfy.

So out comes my paints. We already knew from some other projects that these are generally water proof. After using a very simple paper towel swipe method to create a less uniform paint job I covered it over with my clear nail polish to keep it secure.

The final and last bit of blue I have (aside from my engagement ring) is a slip of blue from my fiance's grandmothers dress. It's something to tie the families together more so I think I'll tie it around the little brooch on my dress (I swear that isn't a pun, okay maybe just a bit).

Hopefully someone got some inspiration from all this blue, and if there's anything you think I missed feel free to share.


Sarah said...

I'm still partial to the shoes Carrie wore in SATC... here's to hoping, lol

Guilty Secret said...

Nice post... I think I'll go with the blue toenails (as well as the blue in my earrings, veil, watch, bouquet etc.)

Riley (aka Rachel) said...

I'm having my bridesmaids in blue - does that count??

I had thought of embroidering our initials and the date with blue thread, and sewing it into my dress, but that sounds like a lot of work.... so maybe I'll just do the blue pedicure?? I love that look!

Dana said...

Since my colors are tiffany blue and brown. I am having my wedding shoes dyed tiffany blue, along with doing my and my grooms first intitals in blue rhinestones on the bottom of my shoes. I am also going to have my grandmothers wedding ring tied with a blue ribbon in my wedding bouquet. I think that I have blue covered.