Sunday, August 17, 2008

Yer on Trial!

This weekend was one hell of a whirlwind. I think I have enough material to last me for a month of posting.

So in order to keep it simple and sane I'll start with Friday night and then move on from there.

Let's see, after hanging out with my big flowergirl and having some tasty Mexican food we hunkered down and started a hair trial. All I told her was I wanted some up, some down and to stick a veil in there. Otherwise she had free range to do whatever she wanted.

It began okay, she got a text message from her Dad who was incredibly bored waiting for tires to be put on his truck (this was a big deal as it was the first text he'd ever sent). Then we needed a hair tie and alas the only one I had was hidden way back in my closet so with her holding onto some of my hair we had to walk around the chair to turn around, head back to the bedroom, lean down, pick up a suitcase, put it on the bed, dig through it and come back to the chair.

And I had to announce every step of the way so that when I went to bend down she'd go with me otherwise she'd have a nice lock of my hair I don't think she wanted.

She got to a pretty scary start after the hair tie.But then my flowergirl worked her magic and made something that I haven't really seem much anywhere else and I like a lot. It looks like me but is still kinda fancy.A lot more fun information to come during the week including: "Making mints and why my hands are now orange," "Only 3 people showed up to my shower," and "We finally attempt the groom's cake."

It may come out slowly as I also start the new job tomorrow, but I promise all the pictures are just too good to not share.

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