Tuesday, August 26, 2008

When Organization Fails You

Anyone who's been doing this wedding planning stuff for a while realizes that at some point your house/apartment is going to be over ridden with flowers, favors, any manor of decorating DIY stuff, and anything else that is required to have a wedding these days.

Well I am one of those people where after a while I can only take so much of the mess and then I just HAVE to clean it or organize it. This generally involves a lot of tossing of things that no longer serves its use but alas we still have 2 months til that stuff will do anything (aside from collecting dust which it is top notch at).

But then I had the brilliant thought of putting everything inside of a giant cardboard box (that used to contain our grill and had wedding stuff on it before and after we put it up).
Of course not everything would fit inside that box so I left out some stuff for scrapbooking (which I had just finished for the shower deux) as well as the large box that had contained our invitations (and now just contains any piece of important paper that we don't want to lose) and stuff to make the real groom's cake (which I'll share the sad sad attempt tomorrow). The eyeballs are just a fun Halloween decoration we picked up and are entertained with.

I was feeling pretty smart with myself getting so much stuff off the top and into the box, and it was just perfect for about 20 minutes. Okay maybe 30 if we're being nice. Then I had to get into it to dig out my necklace for the fitting.

So I had to pull all the stuff off top, open up the box and rumage around. Then after finding what I want, put it all back together.

I think I have done that a good 30 times since putting everything in the box. I've realized that when it comes to weddings it's better to just scatter everything all around and across the furniture. Trying to be neat is just a fruitless endevaour sure to make one mad.

A quick glance inside the box
So if you have someone complaining about just how much space the wedding stuff is taking up or even you feel bad for the mess, don't. Trust me, having that huge mess makes getting your hands on that one example of the program you need to hammer out your own details or that special basket you made and your FMIL just has to see when she randomly dropped by so much easier.

After the wedding you can finally box it all up and save it, or sell it, or if you're really tired of the mess have a bonfire on your front lawn. For now, just take a deep breath and remind yourself it could be a lot worse, you could have a newborn as well (if you do have a newborn and are planning a wedding you get a tip of my hat).


Guilty Secret said...

He he, I've taken cheeky the route of leaving all the wedding-related paraphernalia lying around my office at work!

Anonymous said...

Wow...I have much to learn as a nuevo bride to be.thank god for all you other blogging brides I can learn what to expect.Having wedding related clutter never occured to me!Good luck with your endeavour to keep all your items straight!

Riley (aka Rachel) said...

All of our stuff is in our spare bedroom. I've tried to keep it as organized as possible, but it's still kind of all over the place!