Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sing, sing a song

One of the great things about having connections with people is how easy it's made the wedding planning process.

I also know where they all live so they can't screw me over as easily (there's got to be a lot more thought and subterfuge thrown in and it's so much work why bother). Along with me having pizza with my wedding coordinator and a pretty laid back time to planning, my Matron of Honor can hook me up with some DJ equipment.

So after visiting her for the wonderful wedding learning experience she handed me a sheet for all the dances we should come up with for the reception.

Here in Youtube form are our choices for some and big ol' blanks for others.

Our Newlyweds Arrival song. We may as well get it out of the way early.

We're still a bit torn on the first dance. I was thinking something ala the ol' crooners would be fun to dance to and we wouldn't just look like we're in junior high. So after some convincing I think we might go with this.

All (but one) of our wedding party members is in a serious relationship, engaged, or married. So we were thinking for the bridal party dance we'd want something fast and fun and not awkward.

My fiance has been pushing for one song he does want to dance to, and so this is sort of our lead in to everyone dancing with their SO's.

The cake cutting song (though I don't know why it needs one):

The bouquet toss song:

And because I am a big band nut this had to be the last song (though ours will be Glenn Miller):

We still have a few more to go, and if anyone has any good suggestions for a Mother/Son dance please tell me. I have no idea at all.

EDITED to ADD: We have picked a mother/son and father/daughter dance. It's really simple and not very long

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