Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The pretty Maids

So I realized that after 100 and some posts I never really showcased what my bridesmaids will be wearing.

Well, uh, you just sit right there and I'll go and get them.

*slowly backs away and then runs off*

*chirp* *chirp*

Okay so the issue is the I've never actually seen either of them in said dresses and I've only seen my bridesmaid's dress really quick once (she may actually be wearing a different one). It doesn't really bother me but it does make it a lot harder to show off fabulous pictures of them all decked out.

Okay okay, I got a few pictures I can share. No reason to get all upset.

First up here is my Matron of Honor's. She found it at J.C.Penny when it was super on sale so alas it doesn't seem to be available anymore.
Like I said I can't really show off my bridesmaids dress as even I barely remember what it looked like (it may have yellow bells all over it or I might be thinking of that Santa costume I saw last december).

So I'll include my tall flower girl. She got a really gorgeous dress from the bridal salon where I got mine.The actual color of her dress is a minty green. But I do find it entertaining that we were both drawn to dresses that are our favorite colors. I know how much my tall flower girl loves pink and black I would have let her get it that way but she wanted to match everyone.Well that's a vague idea of what our bridal party is gonna look like. Hopefully we'll get some better pictures of people in their dresses for the wedding (if we get pictures of them not in their dresses I promise I won't share them, now give me back my keyboard guys).


Linda said...

Oh, I like that blue one. Pretty.

Guilty Secret said...

I love your attitude.

Do I say that here all the time?

Ah well, why not?