Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Nanny's etiquette guide

Hello dearies, Aunt Nanny here to answer all of your etiquette questions. I've recently come to learn that a lot of people are forgetting the rules of when and how to either invite or be invited to a wedding.

Apparently it's become quite popular to use this new fangled thing on the spider webs called muzzlebook or OurSpace. It saves the bride some much precious coin she can put towards a new still in the backyard (always a good choice) but there arise some issues with going the cheap and easy route.

First off, people feel really cheated of not being able to finger your beautiful tissue paper and see if it can go with the almanac in the privy or not. Then you have that one Uncle who will get lost unless he has the card with the exact time and address of the church, the one card with a map hand drawn to show where everything is in the town, and he's carpooling with someone who's already been there.

It's also doubly important to send an actual invitation to people who will be "helping (better known as working)" your wedding. If for no other reason than you can be sure they'll show up on time so you can boss them around. You also want to be careful in making this group thing on the facetome as any old ladies could see the opportunity for free food and booze and show up taking my fair share.

On the other side of this invitation stickle is for the guest themselves. If one actually does in fact recieve a paper invitation with those double envelopes and someone had painstakingly drawn out a pretty approximation of your names on the inner one, don't assume that that means you can invite your kids, your cousins, and that one uncle who does a really good impression of Pop-Eye every chance he gets.

Trust me, the bride has worked quite hard and gotten into a few fist fights in order to get the guest list widdled down to those who are coming as well as any ol' Nanny's that dispense advice. Inviting your whole brood will just throw off the seating chart so if I wind up far away from the bar there will be hell to pay.

I hope this episode of Nanny's etiquette has helped to clear up any misconceptions with a wedding. With my help you'll have the perfect shin dig complete with those little bits of cheese on the pointy sticks.

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