Friday, August 22, 2008

Here comes the bride

A long long while back my Future Mother-in-Law had found one of those little rhinestone things that spells "bride" for under a dollar. I really didn't know what to do with it for quite some time (there were thoughts of a GoodWill trip but that got nixed in favor of sanity).

I've never understood those tank tops that say things like Bridesmaid and Maid of Honor. So you can only wear it once and you can't even really wear it while getting ready what with it being a tank top and you don't want to pull something over your head when you have super fancy hair? Seems like a big waste to me.

This weekend when we had to take a stop at Michaels for, um, I really can't remember why now, but while I was trying to hunt down a toddler I saw something that got me thinking on what to do with those little bridey jewels.

I had to make a stop to Target to get myself a nice black hoodie and then drag out the iron.

This is the final product:

I wanted something with either buttons or that zips up so I can easily get into and out of it while having my hair all piled up and nice like, but I'd also want something I can wear again. What with us getting married in October and honeymooning ina not warm place, a cozy hoodie made more sense than getting a button up shirt.

Plus I have an extra spider, so when I get tired of the "bride" I can take it off and put on a cute spider instead. It'll also be something nice to pull out right around halloween every year.

Has anyone else made something a bit different from the ol' "Mrs. Such and such" or even a simple "bride?"

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Guilty Secret said...

Cute ;)

I agree, it's gotta be zip-up.