Saturday, August 23, 2008

I need bigger boobs!

Today was my first fitting and I am happy to say that all it needs is a bit of shortening of the straps (that or I will have to get a much bigger chest or smuggle puppies in) and a slight hemming of the chiffon layer (it is really easy when you are 5'7" to get a dress).

After reading about how alterations can cost a bride almost the same as my dress I was so happy to find out it would only cost me $45. Not to mention it was a quick 10 minutes to get pinned in. At the same time my guy was next door getting measured for a tux and I was done before him.

I really could not tell you any more just how happy I am to have a bridesmaid dress. It cost a lot less, it breathes much better, and alterations are a good 75% less than a bridal gown.

I suppose I can share a picture though this is pre-strap raising. More proof that this thing is really gonna happen in less than 2 months. Ep!


Tayia said...

Wow that's pretty! A bridesmaids dress huh? I'll have to look into that. I need smaller boobs for the dresses to fit. How about we switch boobs for a day!

Kara said...

That's gorgeous! I'm always saying I need bigger boobs in general. I got all the fat girl stuff, except the big bazoombas.

Guilty Secret said...

The gathering is gorgeous - it looks great on you!

High five my bridesmaid dress friend!

Riley (aka Rachel) said...

Pretty dress!!
Yes, I could use bigger boobs too... I think I'm just going to wear a padded bra though. It's kind of depressing when you're going to have to take in the top, while you pray that the bottom will fit! ;-)