Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cake, the week before

Those of you who are still a month, 6 months, or a year away from your wedding are probably wondering what the average woman does a week before her wedding.

Well from my experience this time is devoted to one thing only, baking. First you have to make some cookies (meet the cucumbers for the Groom's Cake).
And really if you're gonna make a batch of sugar cookie dough you may as well finish it out: Along with making cookies I also had to set out to make the cake for the actual cake part of the groom's cake (that was a lot of cake).
After baking for oh an hour or so (cakes take a long time in bread pans, who knew?) it promptly went in the freezer for another day. What do you think I'm crazy enough to do all the cake in one day?

Well okay so a day passed and then I shaped the cake with my handy dandy knife and vegetable peeler set:

Back in the freezer the more hot dog shaped cake went to wait another day. In the mean time on my day of hell I also had to make the bun so out came tons of sugar and rice krispies:
This was the absolute bane of my existence. It was easily the most I have ever sworn at a baked good, oh but I am getting ahead of myself. Before I could really frost the bun I had to fondant the hot dog:
After rolling out the fondant (that I turned red) and adding the cool little end things so it looked more like a hot dog I turned to icing the krispie bun (after spending three hours trying to get just the right color). Once that was done in went the hot dog and then something bad happened:
As you can see from the toothpicks the bun decided that it no longer wanted to stay up nd gravity was taking over. This was on Wednesday and the damn cake had to last til Friday.

Here began hours of swearing and crying as I worried and fretted that all the work I put into this cake was for naught as it wouldn't make it to Friday. On Thursday we added the "poppy seeds" (better known as chocolate chips) and then I got a great idea, just sandwich the thing in between my bookends.

It kept it good and together right up until we got to the restaurant (I was begging it to stay together as I held it on my lap) and we could add the last bits. So here it is, the groom's cake. The one thing that drove me absolutely nutty the week before the wedding:

I knew I was on the right track when the toddler in the back seat kept asking why I had a hot dog and if he could eat it.

Everyone was generally amazed and those who were willing to eat it said it tasted good so I think that despite all the cursing, rolling, baking, stirring, and sweating it was worth it in the end.


AmyJean said...

That is awesome!!! :)

Anonymous said...

That is super happy looking - I am amazed with your abilities!

Guilty Secret said...

Ha ha ha... personally I think cakes made to look like savoury foods are *ahem* the devil's work *ahem* but I admire your hard work and tenacity nonetheless ;)

Linda said...

It seriously turned out beautifully. I am impressed that you did that the week of your wedding. I don't think I could have done that. Kudos to you!

PS and totally off topic. I got The Historian and I can't get it away from my hubby. He's pretty engrossed in it. So thanks for the rec!

Rachel said...

It turned out so good!!
Sorry it was such a pain in the ass. But it looks awesome!

valerie said...

What a RAD cake!!

And while I don't think I would eat it just because it looks like a hot dog and I feel weird about hot dogs, I still think it's awesome!

Anonymous said...

What did you use to make the beans/chili on the cake?

Jenna said...

We don't do grooms cakes in the Pacific Northwest (well in my little town they have never heard of them) so I think it's such an awesome tradition. I got away with not doing one because they don't do them in Poland either.

EliandMe said...

That cake is amazing. We don't do grooms cakes round these parts. But I would be more than happy to have a giant hot dog cake in place of an actual wedding cake. Or, now I think about it, an actual giant hot dog in place of any kind of cake . Mmmmm

hwong14 said...

Sorry I'm so behind, but the groom's cake turned out amazing! Congrats!