Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Groom: Research

This weekend was an interesting experience in wedding stress study.

Oh no, not for me. For my guy.

That's right, the groom instead of being super laid back and only thinking about getting blitzed or having cold feet is actually stressed about the wedding.

It started Saturday as he was in the middle of killing I think it was a bear that was eating sheep (yeah don't ask). He sat there getting more and more in a funk as dark clouds gathered around his head.

Upon asking why he was in such a mood and digging around a bit I discerned that it's because he felt he didn't know what was done and what wasn't so he had no idea that just about everything is ready to go (despite me telling him over and over that we're fine. I may need to invest in some cue cards for him to read. Maybe that will sink in better).

He was liberally medicated with a Rum 'n' Coke and after a few hours of baking cookies his spirits appear to have been lifted (must look into this as possibly cure for the wedding blues).

But alas the next day his symptoms took a weird turn. For as he returned to his melancholy state a call from his groomsman and parents caused him to gain the energy of 10 toddlers at a candy factory. I'd never heard a man talk so fast in my life.

Fearing that this may be contagious I hid in the bathroom til he came off his weird energy high. While he was still buzzing I put him in charge of checking out stuff to do for our honeymoon. So he came up with some places to go, orchards to see, wines to drink.

Amazingly ever since then he's been pretty calm and his usual self.

So if your groom is about ready to pull his hair out as the wedding gets close I'd say try to give him some little task that you've been meaning to do but you know he can handle (I'd think it'd work a lot better than this kit).

Or have a liquor cabinet full of his poison of choice on hand.


DeadmansLog said...

Oh. I have so many thoughts on this post.

Mainly: WTF if I go through this even for a minute I will kill someone, namely my Future Husband. Me, I don't know how to plan a wedding and don't especially want to do it by myself - but he has no interest in helping. 'I trust your decisions,' he says. Baloney, I say.'Don't want to get involved,' says I.

First word I hear about, 'don't know what is done and what's left' and someone is getting divorced. Before the wedding. :)

Somehow, though, I don't think I have to worry about this happening at all. He's always so chill. Bleh.

Jenna said...

That Husband always got really stressed because of the jobs I gave him. He worked hard to get them done though and I really appreciated it.

Now that the wedding is over I realize how little he was actually involved. At least he kept telling people I was the one who did all the work.

Guilty Secret said...

Ha ha... I'm just waiting to see when he notices we're getting married. We're currently at 3 weeks 4 days... my money's on one week.

Riley (aka Rachel) said...

Yeah, Chris totally isn't stressed out. He knows I'm doing most of the work. And it's not totally by my choice!!

One thing though, my guy didn't realize that we were at the end of our budget!!! You know how you said you kept telling your guy "Hey, we're almost done!" and he didn't seem to hear you?? Same here, but only in regards to the budget! Yes, it IS amazing how fast that $$ goes!