Monday, October 27, 2008

Well, I'm back

And much like Sam at the end of LOTR I am emotionally and physically exhausted.

Our apartment looks like a tornado hit it, then got struck by lightning, had a few wolf packs move through, some small flooding, and finally lit on fire.

Having a wedding almost feels like having a toddler, our place is in a constant state of distress and God knows what we left behind at the church and reception place (and we're prepared to cut our losses and just not care).

It also got a bit cranky without a snack and then a good nap.

The honeymoon was great too. I think we all but walked across Minnesota. I have lots of fun stories but I'm not sure the best way to present it (re-caps can be so dull).

I do have one bit of advice though, if you are going on a honeymoon tell everyone you see. We went to a couple of Winery's (I'll talk about them more) and at one we mentioned being on the honeymoon and got a free bottle opener at the other two free glasses. On top of the two free turtles from a chocolate shop all we had to find was a good cheese shop and we were set.

Wedding stuff will come out too in some form or fashion. There were quite a few surprises of the day that I can't wait to share (and maybe some advice as well) and a whole lot of fun.


Guilty Secret said...

Hooray! More more more!

Linda said...

Welcome back. Looking forward to hearing all about it!

Tink said...

Ahem...Um...still waiting for you to post your pics on WeddingBook!