Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Married in heart

A few years back I got wind of a book that was getting crazy popular (I'm sure all you bibliophiles remember it) called "The Historian."

It's about two grad student historians as they travel to the Mideast and eastern Europe told mostly letter format. They offer a fascinating peak at a culture and time that I knew little about. Oh yeah they're also trying to track down Dracula.

This isn't a review of the book (though I love it) or its various homages to the original Dracula as well as a history nerds wet dream. Instead I wanted to talk about a scene in the book that really touched me.

At one point during their hunt/trip to try and find Dracula's tomb the two protagonists settle down on a mountain over looking a monastery in Bulgaria. After searching together for a month and traveling from Istanbul to Hungary to then Bulgaria and overcomign deadend after dead end it's here where the hero feels as though he has married Elena (I love that name) in his heart and not a few months later in a small church back home.

I know that feeling. I remember it was almost 2 years ago that I felt the same thing happen with my guy. I won't go into details as it feels like one of the grossest invasions of privacy (it is weird how we all shy away from sharing the physical details but when it comes to emotional we're an open book. I tend to keep it all between those parties involved, but that's just me) but I will say that it was a moment in time when I just knew that I could trust him to be there to help and protect me. That he was there to watch my back against the world regardless of what bad things happen.

A moment where I married him in my heart.

I have no idea how I'll feel during the ceremony and after but I know that I'll never forget that little moment that I'll never really share with anyone else.

Have any of you felt that with your fiances? Just a perfect time or example of when you felt joined together against all that life throws at you?


AmyJean said...

As i was reading your post, I got images of the Westside story when they got "married" in the clothes shop... and when you say "married in your heart" for some reason that is what i visualize...I think in some ways, the moment that FH and I decided to have a committed relationship was our pivotal moment when we just knew we'd be together forever - whatever came our way...

What a great post!

DeadmansLog said...

Yes. I had that moment. Before we were even dating. But you're right, and it is private and personal... so I won't bore you with it. :) But there was a moment in my mind and in my heart of solid commitment when I just knew.

It sounds so silly to write that down.

valerie said...

Yes, definitely. A little more than a year ago, we were going through some insanely tough times with some things that could completely make or break our relationship. As we were working through those problems and making our relationship stronger, I knew from that point on, we'd be together forever.

Linda said...

I totally understand. We both agreed that the wedding was a formalization of our commitment to each other but didn't change the fact that we were a team way before we ever said I do.
Where was I? I totally missed that book. It sounds like it's up the hubs and I's alley. ::Runs to the library to get it::

Guilty Secret said...

It *is* weird how we keep quiet about the physical but openly discuss the emotional. I'm certainly like that.

I know exactly what you meant in this post. If you're not already emotionally 'married' it seems like madness to me to get technically married, so I hope most brides have had this moment.

Blind, Irish Pirate said...

I <3 this post