Thursday, October 2, 2008

The gifts start rolling in?

The knot's countdown checklist thing has been taunting me. It's been blathering on for the past month that I really should be working on the "Thank You's" for all the gifts and cards we've already been sent.

Well I would (maybe even with bells on) except no one's sent us a damn thing. Sure my parents showed up and set up our headboard for us but well my father can't keep a secret to save his life.

But from anyone else (be they a yes or no to coming) we've gotten a big fat nothing. Considering my families history I kinda have a funny feeling that I'm not gonna hear a thing from them.

I'm not trying to be all gift grabby or put a ledger into the wedding but I doubt I'll even get a card. It's really depressing to think that no one really gives a flying crap about you doing what is supposed to be one of those big deals in life (like getting your first boat loan).

A part of me was kinda expecting we'd have to start clearing out space to put various presents and things, or at least have a pile of cards. But so far we have two cards sitting on the table and neither are from anyone related to me.

For the rest of you that are getting married soon (I can't believe October 11th is coming up so fast Jen and Jenna. That was gonna be our other possible date so maybe we'll have a small pretend wedding) have you been getting any gifts or was The Knot just screwing with me (highly probable) and they really only show up when it's the day before your wedding?


Kara said...

I got 1 gift before the wedding and Target shipped me a gift that wasn't supposed to be shipped to me. BIG bummer.

Guilty Secret said...

It just occurred to me this morning that we're probably not going to get many gifts at all. Hits on the website are really low, hardly anyone is RSVPing, how likely are they to think about giving us a gift if they're not thinking about what they need to do to see if we have a registry...?

Ah well. Just wait till they get married. I'm gonna wear white. Ha!

Linda said...

We didn't get many gifts before the wedding. I did have a shower so I got gifts from that. But as far as wedding gifts, most people brought them to the wedding. I've heard that people buy the gift the day of or the day before the wedding, so I wouldn't worry too much.

valerie said...

Even though we had two showers, we didn't get very many gifts. Most people just showed up to see family and hang out.

We started getting a lot of gifts two to three days before the wedding, and then we had a ton of them at the actual wedding.

Eh, I say don't worry too much about it.

Riley (aka Rachel) said...

That totally sucks!! Don't feel down - it's your family's fault they suck, not yours! ;-)
The only gift we've gotten so far is the free gift we got from registering at Dillard's. I have a suspicion that other than a few shower gifts, we'll get most of ours at the wedding. That seemed to be what happened when my sister got married last year.

I think the Knot is taunting you. Personally, I think they cater to younger brides who come from families with lots of money!! ;-) But that's just me...

Jenna said...

I am getting married on Saturday and 3 gifts have been purchased off of my website, and we invited 140 people to the wedding (I think we will have around 80 attending). We are thinking most people are planning on giving cash since they know we are moving to Dallas.....

I don't want to be all greedy either, but you are kind of conditioned to expect this kind of thing, you know?

Remember how much the economy sucks right now. It just might be a bad year for brides everywhere.

The Pissed Off Bride said...

I am expecting the same to happen. I have been told to not waste my time going overboard with a registry because people don't go out and shop like they used to.

Maybe you can expect lots of cards. Hopefully with mre than a 10in it.