Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The first of some wedding prawn

Somewhere around oh the Wednesday before the wedding I suddenly had a great idea.

"Hey it's supposed to be gorgeous on Sunday (at the time the weather man claimed it was gonna be cold and rainy on 'W' day). Why don't we take some pretty outside pictures here before leaving on our honeymoon?"

Here in this case is the part of the University campus that both me and my guy currently work at and where we went to school. It has some gorgeous nature going on and lots of other people take pictures here (I can't tell you the number of times as an undergrad I'd run into a crazy lady with a huge camera trying to tell a high school senior to pose or a huge platoon of wedding people).

But rather than have our pros take them I thought we'd both be a lot more relaxed having our good friend (and the Tall flower girl) take them. It gave us both a chance to act goofy and make funny faces. Luckily nature did a lot of the work at making it look purdy.

So over the next few days-ish I'll share the story of our little extra photoshoot.
I started out messing around with the camera and took a picture of my guy:
And then he tried to take a picture of me. We could pretend we were trying to be all arty in hiding my face with my hair but in reality it was just windy.

Luckily, then our photographer showed up. Thank God.

The first picture we took, we found the fallest looking tree and made out under it.

Then we went to a gazebo and tried a few random poses. Yes my guy makes that face a lot and yes it always makes me laugh.

Neither of us know what we're doing but it sure looks like fun. And if you're wondering about his shoes, I told him that he should just wear his sneakers so he'd be comfy rather than in the crappy tux shoes.

I love the secluded feel of this one, as though we're the only two in the world (well if you ignore the peeping tom taking pictures).

I play with his hair, a lot. I don't even think this was a pose, it probably just happened.

I though I'd leave you with the most Introverted picture of all. In fact this might even make a good new banner. Hm. . .

More to come tomorrow and more stories of how it all went.


The Pissed Off Bride said...

You two look like such a fun couple!

Love the "artsy" pose!

Guilty Secret said...

Ooh you gotta make a banner outa that, it'd be perfect!

Rachel said...

Yeah, the "artsy" pose made me giggle!! That crap happens to me all the time.... did you get lipstick or lipgloss "lines" on your cheek afterwards?? ;-)

I like the photos - the area is very pretty!

AmyJean said...

Awww these pics are great, and i love your most "introverted" pic... so cute! :)