Thursday, October 9, 2008

Smells like a wedding

Scientists and old wives with their lustrous tails like to wax on about how smells are so intertwined in the human psyche.

We've all felt it, when you smell something you associate with a good memory or bad and you're pulled back to that time and place. One of my biggest triggers is the smell of old yarn and I'm back in my grandmother's sewing closet we'd routinely raid for craft projects.

So considering how scents can cause such a nice memory flashback I figured that I wanted to have something special for the wedding (hopefully it'll be good memories). I'm not much of a perfume wearer but in sniffing all those various magazine samples I found one that I fell in love with.

I don't know if it's the strawberry notes or what but somehow Marc Jacob's Daisy makes me feel all calm and happy, just what one wants to feel when one is about to walk the aisle. But what if after buying it and wearing it I found I didn't really like it? Then I'd be out a ton of money.

So I went looking for a small sample that I could try out and save for the wedding and I found the Perfumed Court. It's a great way to try out fragrances you aren't really sure of as I got a whole 15 ml's for just 15 bucks (and thanks to my science background I understand mL's a lot better than ounces. What the hell is an ounce anyway?)

But this perfume is just for the ceremony, I was thinking that we needed something a bit spookier for the reception. One part is something I'm still waiting on so I'll hopefully have an addendum to this post later.

The other involved a special trip to Yankee Candle. Last year I just fell for their autumn leaves candle which is apparently "A vibrant medley of birch and maple leaves with pomegranate, juniper berry, and orange blossom" but to me smells like fall.

To go with it and spook it up a bit I also found myself a cute little bat lampshade that really sets the mood when we burn it at home.

How about the rest of you? Have you found a special scent that you'd just love to open up and be reminded of your special day years down the road?


DeadmansLog said...

I love this post!

I was just talking to husband-to-be last night about figuring out a perfume (I don't wear any) for the wedding for this very reason, but I hadn't even thought about scenting the reception. Fabulous.

I haven't given it much thought. I want something light but edgy, I think. Something that smells of fall and halloween and happiness. :)

Linda said...

I don't remember if I even wore perfume for our wedding. If I did it's the same stuff I always wear-Marc Jacobs's Lilac. Tai bought it for me a while ago. I better start using it more frequently.

sammik said...

I've heard that many women still wear the same perfume 7 years after their marriage. That's a big commitment!

I was considering Daisy myself...where did you get a sample? Supposedly you can request a sample from the website, but I never found the form! My flowers are daisies too, so I thought it might be cute if I ended up liking the scent.

sammik said...

Umm, nevermind the question about the samples, hah! I didn't read carefully enough! >.<

gacucdieu said...

wow, thanks for your post. I have rarely used perfume but after this post i think i will. May be I will make my life is more romantic.

Blablover5 said...

To gacucdieu:

Yeah I am not a perfume person at all, usually they are all much to musky for me and I prefered more of a body spray.

But it seems like this past couple years there have been more fruity or floral perfumes and less musky.

Riley (aka Rachel) said...

Chanel No. 5 always reminds me of my Grandmother and Mother - when they'd get "dressed up"!! I'm considering wearing that for our wedding day.
I've heard good things about DAISY, I'll have to take a whiff!

Jenna said...

I wore Daisy! I ordered from Sephora, which has free shipping on orders over a certain amount and accepts returns on ANYTHING ordered from the online store. I ordered 4 different perfumes and tried them all out over a week long period.