Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween everybody!

This year, Christmas will be ours!

Sorry sorry, I just had to.

Well it's Halloween (or for those who love punctuation more Hallowe'en) that fun time of year when anyone can pretend to be someone or something else without being sent away for observation and kids knock on strangers doors and rather than getting the silent treatment receive candy.

Let's see, what else is Halloween? Oh right that wedding thing I had a couple weeks ago.Mwhahahahaha!

I thought now was the best time to share some personal reception pics and help to get us in the halloween spirit.

My Matron of Honor and best friend as the Bride of Frankenstein. She had the creepy bride eye thing down all night (I'm not sure if she even knew she was doing it)My tall flower girl and her boyfriend. They went as Bride of Chucky and Chucky. I just love this picture.Our ringbearer as cookie monster. I wish we had a picture of the shirt he was wearing underneath. His mom made a t-shirt with various organs on it and cookies in the stomach. It was so cool.

One of our table spreads. The guys worked really hard to bring it all together in a few ours without me being able to be there and tell them what to do. A lot got forgotten but at least it still looked neat.

A look at our head table (ignore the weirdo's kissing). It looked really cool, but a word of warning spider webs make eating really hard. Your knife and fork keep getting caught in it.Finally our cake. It had spiderwebs on the bottom, ghosts and leaves in the middle, and stars and a moon on the top. Plus it tasted delicious.

If you are still in the halloween mood I'd recommend checking out Creepy Cupcakes. She's planning a halloween wedding next year and has been sharing lots of cool Halloween stuff for the past few months.

Happy Halloween everybody!


AmyJean said...

Your wedding looks like such a blast!!! :) I love the pics!

You are right, i love your comments, b/c they are always so insightful - yet one more guideline i'll have to inquire about re: my wedding :) i didn't think of that aspect lol Thanks! :)

PS. Happy Halloween!!!

Jenna said...

Woohoo for smashing the idea that only the bride should wear white right in the face!

bint alshamsa said...

This is awesome! I love it when people make their weddings unique! If I have to go to one more frothy pink and silver affair, I'm gonna hurl. I promise.

Rachel said...

It's so nice to see some of the costumes at your wedding! They look fantastic!

I can see how spiderwebs may get in the way.... of course, I hate spiderwebs, so maybe I'm biased against them!

Love the cake!

DeadmansLog said...


Gosh, what a freaking fabulous wedding! Please plan to share even more pictures. Especially of the costumes and decor; it's great!

(also, thanks for the link - I might be a little bit 365 Halloween obsessed. It's a blessing/curse)