Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Day from hell

You know those days where one thing goes wrong then another leading to a domino effect that causes you to whimper in the corner hoping that the world will just leave you alone for 24 hours and jumping at any noise for fear that even more shit is gonna get dumped in your lap.

I had that kinda day yesterday.

It didn't start out as such a bad day, aside from the fact that it's been cold and rainy for the past three days (a rare thing here, sure to drive any Nebraskan bonkers), I got some free pizza and won a polar bear from Promega. Even the EHS tour of the lab was no big deal.

But then I went home and suddenly found a little orange sticker on my car's window claiming that the thing was "inoperable." Well I figured they just suddenly got a stick up their butt cause my car is not a pretty little sporty thing so I'd just jump in and move it.

And the battery's dead.

I can tell right away because my car seems to eat them for breakfast and if there's one thing I know about cars it's when the battery takes a crap.

Rather than fight with it we made some dinner (it's a wonder I didn't burn the shit out of myself, honestly) and figure out what to do after.

But first I had to make the rice krispie bun for the hot dog (I have certain parts of the cake devoted to different days and going off the schedule is a sure sign of madness at this point). In going for the corn syrup I caught my hand on the shelf scraping it open.

Swearing a bit I got down to the krispies. Following the recipe on the box of our store brand "Rice Puffs" in the middle of pouring it into the pan I realized that we didn't have enough and had to quickly make an extra batch to fill it.

And then just as I was gonna start a new pot the nose piece on my glasses broke and fell off.

I finally lost it. I'd had enough of bad things going wrong so I just curled up on the floor crying, swearing, and just railing against the world. I couldn't believe just how much the world seemed out to get me and beat me to a bloody pulp.

After getting it all out, I glued and fixed my nose piece, my guy filled in the rice krispie bun, and we got the car jumped enough to move it and we'll just wait til Friday for my father (a mechanic) to help change the battery (sitting down eating cookie dough and watching the RiffTrax of Iron Man helped a lot too)

So if you do see a woman who may have a wedding looming on the horizon (even if it is just 3 days away) don't always assume she's stressed because of that. Life doesn't stop for a wedding, nor do evil gypsy curses trying to give you the day from hell.


Guilty Secret said...

Ugh, stuff going wrong in the weeks before the wedding... JUST NOT COOL!

Deep breaths, my dear.

AmyJean said...

Sometimes a good cry can be so stress relieving... So hopefully, it cleared your head! :) Sorry to hear about your bad day :(

Linda said...

Yucky day! I hope that today goes better!

Riley (aka Rachel) said...

Oh I hope everything has been sorted out!!

Congrats for tomorrow! Take lots of pics - I'm jealous I can't come to such a bad ass party!!

The Pissed Off Bride said...

I agree with Amyjean. Crying can be a great way to "let go". Only good thing is that all days come to an end.