Friday, October 3, 2008


It's a sad sad day.

Tomorrow I have to depart with my beloved. For you see, he must head back to the shop where we got him to be soldered to his brother so they're both ready in time for the wedding.

It's gonna be weird, we haven't spent a day apart since we first met back in October and now he's going away for two whole weeks. Though hopefully half of that time will be spent in a box so I can stop by and see him whenever I want. Not to mention I can finally pull my place holder out.

I think this is when we cue the montage of me and my engagement ring playing on the swings together, enjoying an ice cream, trying on funny hats, and beating old cars with baseball bats.

It's weird how this, along with having my final fitting (I hope it's the last one anyway), that have been on the calendar for a long long time far off into the future so no way it would ever get here is suddenly tomorrow.

So that means in two weeks I'm getting married. Just two little weeks, 14 days, not enough hours, really few minutes, and okay a crap ton of seconds.

I think I've hit a new freak out now.


AmyJean said...

Awww... when my FH proposed, it was only with the stone. I had to wait 5 long torturous weeks before it came to me... it is true, time flies, but i can't lie - it was soooo difficult! :(

Good luck... it'll all be worth it in the end :)

Guilty Secret said...

I thought your wedding was on Halloween...? OMG 2 weeks! (Sorry, not helping with freakout am I?)

DeadmansLog said...

whee! So close, and so very exciting.

I'm not going to have to go through ring separation anxiety, luckily. My ring is an antique. My grandmother's engagement ring, in fact - designed especially for her. There's no way I'm having it permanently attached to *anything.*

Riley (aka Rachel) said...

I can sympathize with the whole time-sneaking-up-on-you. I'm going through a bit of that now, and I still have 6 weeks! It's just that for so long it seemed like I had tons of time, and now... not as much.
2 weeks though?? Holy cow! You'll be a married lady really soon!

valerie said...

Ahhh, those last two weeks.

Don't freak out too much! It'll be OK!

But you'll be doing so much other stuff in the next two weeks that you won't even realize that you've not worn your (official) engagement ring that whole time, haha.

Good luck!!!