Thursday, October 30, 2008

A young romance

Weddings are a time of friendship and love. It's also a major subplot for a lot of romantic comedies.

Well we had a romance begin to bud at our wedding. It all started at the rehearsal. The boy was a bit late but as soon as he arrived and saw the girl it was magic. They kept staring at each other and running off together.

At one point, during the rehearsed line up, the two of them sat at the back on the stairs and put their arms around each other.

It became even more sealed the next day as the wedding began. When not taking pictures the two of them were found hiding in a back pew writing notes to each other. And though they walked down the aisle okay together he started to act a bit to immature for her.

Luckily all was forgiven once the reception started and the two of them bonded again over all the sweets on the table. Then when they saw the chance they made a B-line for the dance floor (long before we were even thinking to have our first dance) and even switched the suckers in their mouths while dancing.

And who are these two crazy little love birds? Why it would be our 3 year old Ring Bearer and the 5 year old flower girl. Don't believe me? Here are some pictures to prove it:

They were writing notes to each other. Though the flower girls started as "Dear Santa"

Uh oh, caught!

The ceremony. Look in the background. Though I will say that even though he was running around a bit he was dead quiet the whole time.

The candy was a huge success. Well at least for anyone younger than 5.

Ah young love. Maybe we'll have to celebrate their wedding next.


AmyJean said...

They are so stinkin adorable!!!

Jenna said...

I hope theirs isn't the wedding you celebrate next! That would certainly indicate a shortage of romance in your group of family and friends :)

Guilty Secret said...

Awwwww! So cute!