Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Why October I wonder?

I fear that I am beginning to resent my wedding.

I mean it only makes sense to get married around your favorite time of year, right? For me it's getting to see the leaves change, the crisp autumn air, the yummy crunchy apples, and the spooks and goblins as Halloween creeps around the corner.

Only this year instead of heading off one weekend to an orchard or curling up on the couch drinking some hot coca while watching "Shaun of the Dead" I'm chasing around going to fittings and figuring out what to do if our groomsmen doesn't make it (it's a long story).

It hit me last weekend that we really didn't have the time to go to a big orchard to pick our own apples (if you can't tell by now I am absolutely nutty about apples. I would kill to have my own tree). Instead I had to figure out centerpieces and the weekend after that isn't an option as it's two weeks away and we have tons of stuff planned.

And really who can fit in apple picking when their own wedding is in leSS THAN A WEEK?!

Sorry sorry, don't know what came over me.

Also because of when our honeymoon lands we're gonna not be around to really warrant decorating for Halloween (not that that's stopped me, although most of it is stuff just waiting for the wedding) much less carving pumpkins and then baking the seeds. Mm I love pumpkin seeds (almost as much as apples).

It's a weird feeling, resenting when your own party is. Almost makes me want to send myself a nasty e-mail about how unreasonable and unthoughtful I've been.

But I'm sure I'll get over it in time. I'll probably totally forget about all the fun fall things I usually love in between organizing everything, making sure that all the favors are in order, talking with the minister one last time, planning the recEPTION DECORATIONS, MAKING SURE PEOPLE HAVE A PLACE TO PARK, GETTING ALL THE JEWELRY LINED UP!!!!!
And just trying to have a calm peaceful wedding.


Linda said...

I totally understand. I missed summer since our wedding was in the summer! They way I rationalize it is you're doing this once (I hope) so next year you'll do all those things you missed but you'll be married. The madness will stop. I promise :)

DeadmansLog said...

Thanks for your comment on today's blog post! It's great to get your input. I responded there, and won't duplicate that here other than to ask - did you post pictures of what you did with funkins? I'm very curious to see. They always give me problems.

As for missing your favorite season - I know this is impossible advice to swallow - but it's just a big, fun party. Remind yourself of that. I'm so worried about next year, "missing" Halloween, possibly having to miss the graveyard tour at our local cemetery, not having time to decorate or wanting to make apple pies... *sigh* all my crafting will be for my wedding and not for fun (kind of like this year is starting to be). But then I just remember - this is the biggest Halloween party I will ever throw. I need to relax and enjoy.

Guilty Secret said...

I deliberately planned our wedding at one of my least favourite times of year (England is miserable in November) so that we could get away on honeymoon then and to give us a wedding anniversary to look forward to in years to come.

The downside of doing it my way is that I risk not feeling my best (especially if seasonal affective disorder hits) but hopefully I'll be too distracted to notice!

Anna said...

Just wanted to say hi... I found your blog through Weddingbook on Facebook :) I've looked at your blog a few times, so I thought it was time I said hi at least!

Riley (aka Rachel) said...

Aha ha ha ha ha!!
Okay, I love that I'm not the only one that's semi-freaking out about all the small crap I need to get done. You know what Chris said to me when I gave him my 2-page list last night???? "Oh, only about 30% of this is stuff that I need to help with or think about." WHAT???? *slap* (on the arm, not hard.... enough)

You'll get through it all. And just think, next year when you're baking pumpkin seeds (yummm!!) and picking apples, you can plan your anniversary around something fun you love!

P.S. - we had 2 apple trees. small ones. one died for no apparent reason, and the other is hanging on by a thread. and the apples they put off?? small and sour!! they are supposed to be granny smith.

P.P.S. - my fave apples are the "pink lady" kind