Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Shipping Hell

"Hi everyone, I'm gonna tell you a story today. So gather around all you packages and parcels and even you boxes waiting to have something put in them.

I'm gonna tell you about Shipping Hell.

Now you see, not everyone goes to Shipping Hell. If you're a good package, have all the necessary postage, been taped up real tight, put carefully on the truck, and the delivery man is in a good mood then you go to your destination and your point in life has been fulfilled.

But if you've been a bad package. If you've lied and cheated your way onto the truck, or stayed out all night with reckless abandon for cardboard life, or someone just didn't like the look of you then you go to Shipping Hell.

It's a dark place full of scary noises and rodents that will chew right through you. And the scariest part of all is no one knows when, or if, you'll ever leave Shipping Hell."

Shipping Hell is something that just seems to go part and parcel with wedding planning. It's just recently happened to Riley (AKA Rachel) when her invitations were lost thanks to UPS (and the Broke Ass Bride who just lucked out and had someone contact her) and it almost happened to me.

My mother, for reasons that no one including herself are sure of, only brought down half the baskets for our centerpieces a month or so back. But I've needed all to make up the little basket liner things, so rather than drive out of their way to bring them she was gonna ship them.

This was last Monday, from a town 2 hours away. I heard nothing figuring my Mom may have forgotten (she forgets things, a lot) and was gonna call her this week. Well then I come to find out that they should have been delivered a week ago but no one's heard of it.

There was no note left on either our door or our mailbox so I began the fun task of calling post offices in our area. Eventually I went to the front office of our apartment (which has already been a nightmare when it comes to packages) and lo and behold it's been sitting in there for a week (never mind that we had over the summer gotten a package in June and they didn't tell us about it til September).

So I have narrowly escaped Shipping Hell. But what about the rest of you?


AmyJean said...

I have a while to wait til i have to worry about that... but after the recent debacle with Riley and with that broke ass bride... and now you... i'm starting to wonder! Phew, at least you escaped it! and That Broke Ass' were found yesterday !

The Pissed Off Bride said...

This sounds awful and I do not look forward to shipping anything. Jeez. I couldn't even imagine our invites being lost. Then what? pay for new ones? give me a break.

Broke-ass Bride said...

Close call! I'm feeling SO lucky and fortunate today, as my babies fly home to me. I'm so glad you didn't have to go through that hell!

Anonymous said...

Wow that is horrible,thank God everything was figured out!Thank you for the heads up!I am not sure what the Canadian postal service is like though I am sure it is just as bad!

Guilty Secret said...

Weirdly we seem to do alright with parcels over here (touch wood) but with letters/invitations/save the date postcards you have to assume about 5% wont arrive. Which means you have to call to check everyone received it. Which means you may as well just call in the first place. Ugh.

sammik said...

I've had problem after problem with the USPS where I live. Not necessarily just with shipping,, apparently it's too difficult to even process an address change request:

We filled out our request on July 25. They left our apartment number off. A week later, they added their own (just for fun, I guess) and it was the wrong number. We called to fix it on August 10. It JUST got fixed (after about four more phone calls) about a week ago. UGH!