Friday, November 6, 2009

Guess the Painting

When I'm not cleaning, trying to get better (work you stupid white blood and T-cells!), or watching all the unfolding drama at Etsy I've tried to get in a few paintings here and there this week.

I've had an idea in my head for a while that I've wanted to put down onto canvas. It was actually from before Halloween but well one thing and another. You know how it goes.

The first step was getting the background just right.

For the fun of it I snapped a picture as that was drying and thought I'd let you all take a guess as to what I was gonna get up to.
Really, take all the time you need.

What would I do with that strange choice of shades and weird smokey background?

Nope, got all the time in the world. Do de do.

Oh and while you're deciding here's another painting I'll be putting up for sale soon. It was an idea for something I tried for a friend, wasn't quite their taste so it's going to the highest bidder.
Okay times up.

It's a foggy forest!
I have no idea where the color comes from in this second pictures, it was all in black/white/gray I assure you.
While my husband was busy KOLing last night I just cranked out a bunch of trees in various depths and shades and have my first ever ready to sell 16X20 painting.

What do you think? It needs a few more additions, some extra branches but the life of the painting is mostly there.

I've got it hanging on my painting wall right now and I swear it almost follows you around the room. Or maybe I keep expecting a ghost to pop out from behind one of the trees.


Leslie said...

I love the smokey trees. I can't wait to see that one in person.

Jessica said...

I love the foggy forest one. I would definitely buy that if you post it!