Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 344

I have been a bit remiss at sharing all of the my latest and finished paintings and pendants with everyone here.

While it was easy to fall into the "Oh I'll just put it on twitter quick, get instant feedback and call it good" habit I also swear part of the problem was that I never had any good pictures.

Yesterday I finally decided no more excuses so for most of the day I trucked my pieces around trying to get as many good pictures as possible and then editing said photos before finally listing them in my stores.

I listed three different pendants (I actually have a fourth but it needs a few touch ups before its ready for its closeup) and one huge painting (okay huge for me, I swear some people will paint the side of a barn and ship that).

One of my pendants is for that nerd in your life who likes wisecracking and bad movies.
Another was back to the simple, a silhouetted raven about to take flight on stained wood.
And that big painting I was talking about? Well it's my 16X20 of a foggy forest walk. What still kills me about this painting is that it's all in black and white (and I swear it is, no color anywhere near that sucker) yet depending on where it sits on the wall it looks like it has a bit of a color sheen.
Now for the exciting news even though I still have more paintings I finished and listed to share.

All that stuff up there sold in under an hour of being listed!

Okay so I had a pretty good idea that the foggy forest was going to someone after a twitter back and forth or 10 but I had no idea she also planned to buy a few pendants.

And another shocker, someone also came in and swooped up the raven pendant. In fact the only one I still have in my shop was the third one I added yesterday.
It's my winter scene, for those yearning for some snow before the icy doldrums of January beats it out of us all.

And despite traveling into someones cart for a little bit it's still available for sale for the low low low low price of $6. (The more I think about it too, it'd make a cute gift tag for Christmas as well).

I also waited til today to list my dancing couple painting. Here's hoping it has as much success as my trees.
Hurray for one hell of a good painting sale day. I'd like to pretend that it's just up and up from here but well let's just say I'm starting to see the writing on the wall more and more at Etsy. (Maybe if I did paintings of owls wearing cowls).

But for now I shall revel in my small victory for a day. I always revel small victories with a small feast made up entirely of small foods and half danced by small rodents.

My pendants have been weirdly popular (I really thought they'd just disappear through the jewelry cracks never to be seen by anyone) and I was just wondering if there's anything you'd like to see on one of these bad boys?

Is there anything in my repertoire of paintings that you could see people wanting to wear around their neck? Or anything you'd want to give to someone else?


Chesney said...

Especially love your dancing couple image, so unique and original!!! You have been one busy girl it looks like!

The Rebel Gypsy Shoppe said...
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