Monday, November 30, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 363


I've already got all my cyber decorations hung: the keyboard decked out in black ink, paypal invoices strewn across the windows all in the hopes that the money fairy will be there to buy up everything I'm trying to sell on-line.

After all, isn't fiscal gain the true meaning of cyber monday?

Okay so obviously I don't expect to sell anything and figure cyber monday is something invented by newspapers back in the late 90's when they were a little bored one day and thought they could start a rampage on the internet ala Black Friday. (This was before the Steven's theory that the internet was a series of tubes and that one giant fruitcake could clog the whole thing.)

So instead of sitting at my computer staring at my sales page willing it to change I've been working on a few presents for various people for Christmas.

For my Father in Law who went to Michigan State I had a crazy idea to do a painting of a Spartan Helmet (how come everyone is either a Spartan or a Trojan and you never see any Athenians, Romans or Macedonians?).

My husband thought it was a bad idea and would never work out right. I think I proved him wrong.
I'm rather pleased with how it turned out, though Sparty looks a bit too friendly for my tastes. Maybe he just had some really good hummus.

Another idea I had is for a 6 year old girl who's big into pink, princesses and other things Disney says 6 year old girls should be into.

I had a wild idea to make a pendant with a tiara on pink, lots of pink, because at that age who doesn't love wearing jewelry. And sturdy jewelry is the best.
I plan on customizing it with her name later but for anonymity's sake (not that there is much anymore) I decided to show it off before the final adornment.

Does anyone actually plan on buying presents this gray Monday morn? Or can we finally tell the associated press to give cyber Monday a much needed holiday, perhaps somewhere warm with no shopping carts in sight?


Leslie said...

Actually I know my brother was going to do some of his shopping today on Amazon.

Chesney said...

You are stepping out...great new designs!

I bought a few things this morning, but not much, I don't know what to get everyone!

Anonymous said...

I must live in a box - I've never heard of cyber Monday.

I really like the tiara - it's really well done!

Linda said...

Great job with the helmet.