Friday, November 13, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 346

Oh no! Friday the 13th!


This only occurs once every um, wait wasn't it Friday the 13th in February and then in March this year?

*combs through blog archives because it's a lot prettier than a desk calendar, ooh pie*

So by the third time in a year Friday the 13th is less of an "OH MY GOD WE'RE GONNA DIE" and more of an "Oops I dropped my mirror, these things happen."

A much more lackadaisical Friday the 13th requires a much less stringent warding off of the evil eye. Instead of throwing spilled salt over your shoulder, toss it into the sink.

Walk under ladders but bring an umbrella with you (up to you if you open it inside or not).

Call in the professionals to crack your bathroom mirror and haul it away.

But you still have to somewhat get into the spirit of things so best to avoid black cats and any black dogs that act like cats.
For winter, and because it gave him something to do, my husband bagged up all the leaves in our yard and dumped them inside the garden.

Which Essie naturally assumes was done fully for her entertainment.
After a quick run through the yard she zips straight into the leaf pile where she bounds and sniffs enjoying every last little foliage minute.

For the first time since she moved in there are times we actually have to go looking for her because instead of surgically attaching herself to our legs she's out in the garden doing whatever it is puppies do in a giant pile of leaves.
She's getting her Labrador nose in quite nicely as well. After a day in her kennel I let her out where she licked my face, ran to the backdoor, jumped a bit then ran into the garden.

Where after a few seconds of rutting she came up with her prized possession buried deep in the leaves.
We're gonna be in a sad state when that ball dies. She loves that thing to death. It's like her security blanket and ultimate must get Christmas toy all rolled into one.
She's even starting to sneak it inside because her Mom and Dad get a little tired of playing fetch for hours and hours every night.

Silly puppy.

Happy Friday the 13th everyone! Remember stepping on cracks is okay as long as you know a good chiropractor and the best way to kill a vampire is threatening to take their eyeliner away.


Chesney said...

It looks like Essie will have a great Friday the 13th in all of those leaves! Hope luck follows you today! :)

Rachel said...

At least she doesn't have long "Swifter"-like fur that the leaves stick to!! Because I have 2 little dogs that are like that, and at this time of year it seems like we have just as many leaves inside as we do out. They'll stick to legs, beards, bellies, and ride inside where they magically fall off. And I have to clean them up.

Oh, and Charlie has a similar ball - his is green and has a strip of fluffy material half-hanging off. It's his FAV-OR-ITE toy. He loves to run around and make it squeak. (which gets really annoying sometimes...)

Katy said...

I saw some Christmas balls like that in the dollar section at Target. Toby normally gets a set in his stocking every year.