Friday, November 20, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 353

Is there any chance someone can be addicted to smelling things? If so, sign me up for Olfactory Anonymous because I can't pass a candle section without having to check to see if what they claim on the label is actually what I smell in the wax.

I rely on Yankee for most of my candle needs but I've found one place that does Halloween scents perfectly. They're called Dark Candles and my all time favorite Halloween scent is Nosferatu. It is this packed with Arabian and Indian spices with a very different musky smell from what you find in average store candles.

It puts me in mind of the old silent movie era in Istanbul fleeing down dark corridors to avoid the demon with fangs (it's about as much contrast you could get from a Twilight inspired candle which I imaging smelling like body glitter and sexual frustration).

But Halloween is long gone so why am I mentioning this place now?

Because they have a really cool Winter sampler pack.
Starting from left to right is Spiked Egg Nog which is light but when burned you get a whiff of the brandy, Winter Solstice which is the first candle that uses spearmint I've smelled to give that bite to the winter air we're all too familiar with, Midnight Mass is a fascinating mix of Frankincense and Myrrh that reminds one of an ancient cathedral draped in gold and purple, and finally Naughty or Nice a chocolate and vanilla blend with some read cream undertones.

If you're looking for some candles for the Holidays that are outside the pine box allow me to recommend the Winter Solstice and Midnight Mass from Dark Candles which contain scents I've never smelled anywhere else.

Speaking of pimping things I also wanted to let everyone know I've gotten my shop all ready for the Holiday season.

Most of my paintings have had 15% taken off and are conveniently all stored in an "On Sale" category.

Which also includes one of my latest pendants, a blooming rose on a silver background.While I'm showing off pendants, even though this bad boy's already sold, I thought any Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy fans would enjoy this one.
Now you'll always know where your towel is (I also plan to create a DNA pendant if any mutants happen to follow my blog and want to remind the world how we're all insects to them. Magneto, I'm looking at you.)

Finally, I just created this one yesterday and while it's bound for a "Thank you for buying so many of my paintings" order I am thinking about creating one with the same background but with just the star on it and another with a Menorah.
Whatcha all think?

Have you started your dreaded Holiday shopping yet? I've been so wrapped up in making things for other people to give or buy I haven't gotten anywhere yet.


Linda said...

I recently bought a Winter candle from Bath and Body Works. Yum! I can't wait to light it.

Krista said...

That egg nog candle sounds divine: soft egg nog with a whiff of brandy when burned? Hello!

As for Princess biting, I think she might have been excited by the bicycle being so close. I moved off the sidewalk, but she just lunged as he went by. In my city, there's a by law that bicycles are prohibited on the sidewalk, which is probably because on our sidewalks, it's difficult to fit two people, let alone a bike and a person.

I've already contacted a dog behvioural trainer who was highly recommended by my vet. I do not want this to become a habit. I tried to explain to Princess that if she does it again, she might be forced to be put down, but she just wagged her tail and licked at me. So, unfortunately, her mastery of understanding "human" is not as high as I'd like it!

Rachel said...

All of those candles sound wonderful! I might have to check them out!
Trapp makes a great candle called "Sexy Cinnamon". Normally, I'm not a cinnamon loving girl, but this one just smells so good!

Joe said...

I'm with you on your addiction to smelly waxy things.
I burn a candle while I write to give me something to look at while I'm waiting for the muse, I've been doing that for years. I'm convinced that when I die they'll find wax in my lungs.
Love the HGTHU pendant!

Joe said...

I meant HGTTU...doy!