Saturday, November 14, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 347

I really hate that every time I log in to make a post there's my follower count staring me in the eye, taunting me with it's stupid number.

Some days it'll be all "Look at me, you lost another one cause you suck ha! How do you like that Sucky McSucks!"

Or "How come you can't ever get past 50? Everyone else can get more than 50. Why do you have have such a boring life?"

Well it's got me there, but still . . .

The web's seemed rather quiet or at least the parts I frequent have. Kinda like a restaurant on the edge of collapse; you still get a few regulars but haven't seen any new blood in nearly a year.

For now I'll just pretend that it's the economy, the creeping Old Man Winter and oh I'll blame the Holiday season as well. It's all the rage nowadays what with people apparently declaring war on what was once a Pagan day anyway.

Pictures, pictures, oh right pictures. It's stuff in the mail day! Yay!

I got in an order I placed from Sephora (which I also love as they load their boxes up with so much shipping paper it gets a reuse every time to help transport any of my paintings to waiting arms and walls).
The silver clutch was actually free and full of free samples of various things that I'd never thought a human being would need. I'm still desperately trying to surmise just what it is about enzymes that make them a deus ex machina for the dermatological world. Last I checked there were such a specific and easily denatured protein that there wasn't much chance they'd do much or survive outside the body.

But moving onto what I really ordered, see that cute looking cookbook in the box. It isn't full of recipes (though there are some in there so I sort of lied, sorry about that), nope it's chopped full of tasty sounding shower gels.
I just couldn't turn down the chance to bathe with pumpkin pie muffins or red velvet cake. The Pear Cobbler and cinnamon buns are just icing on the loofah.

Even the hot cocoa surprised me. I normally loathe the fake chocolate smell. It has a strange astringent on my nose, so much like canned spinach I pick up on it instantly that it's fake and wrong. But this one has a nice cream under layer to make it smell more like chocolate than I've ever smelt before!

(I tried to work that into my catch phrase when I was with the Chocostice league. Didn't really take off. Of course Supermars and BatM&M kept stealing all the air time).

So if you're looking for something for a baker or someone who just loves the smell of tasty baked goods (you know if you're buying for anyone who isn't a Plutonian) I'd recommend the Purity Cookbook.

To Hershey's Factory and Beyond!


Linda said...

I like Philosophy's stuff. It smells so good!

Chesney said...

Love Sephora's Philosophy - doesn't all that smell the best?? The blogs have been slow....I chalk it up to the holidays!

Ruby Slippers said...

Your thoughts on enzymes as a deus ex machina made me LOL. Properly. Brilliantly put. :-)

Rachel said...

I LOVE the Cinnamon Buns!!! It smells sooooo good. Ymmmmm.... and I don't really love real cinnamon buns - they smell good - and that is such a great fragrance when it's chilly outside!